2011 Waltham on Wheels (Vehicles built in Waltham)

The 3rd annual Waltham on Wheels will be on July 9th at the Waltham Museum. As this year is the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Metz Airplane Meet at the Gore Estate, there will be a slide show at 2 PM titled
“When the Flying Machines Came to Waltham”. Vehicle owners attending this years event with your vehicle please call the museum by July 5th at (781) 893-9020 and provide the model and year so we may plan for the placement of the vehicles. . http://www.walthammuseum.com


Waltham on Wheels July 10th 25 Lexington St. Waltham, MA

Rain or shine the Metz gathering will happen at the Waltham Museum. If you have an interest in these automobile it is well worth the trip with or without your car. At 2PM, Al Arena will present a slide show and history lecture on the Metz,Orient and Waltham Automobiles. Several owners are planning to return again this year and depending on the weather display their cars.

Additional NEWS:
George Albright Metz Room at the Waltham Museum

When the new elevator instalation is completed, we hope to occupy part of the garage for our 8 Metz and Orient cars. The Metz Room when completed is sponsored by George Albright of Fla. who donated a 1905 Waltham Orient Deluxe automobile.
This is the only Waltham Deluxe automobile known to exist. When this room is completed and the automobiles installed we plan to hold a very special event because their will then be the worlds only Metz Auto Museum in the city where they began. Our our goal is winter of 2010. This will be an International attraction for Metz owners and historians around the world.

2nd Annual Metz/Waltham/Orient Gathering July 10th.

The 2nd annual Metz Auto and transportation gathering will take place at the Waltham Museum on Saturday July 10th from 9AM-3PM. All owners of Metz/Waltham/Orient transportation vehicles are welcome to join us to display their vehicles. Please call the museum at 781-893-9020 to reserve your space. Please provide your name, telephone number,year and model of the vehicle you plan to display by July 5th.

Look back in our web site archives to see the photos and video of last years event.

Attempting to identify a car and we need your help!

I attached images of the components I think point to Metz origin. If you feel I am correct in my guess, could you venture an approximate date of the chassis? (I know that the car has been highly modified.) If you feel that it is not a Metz, would you have any idea what it might be? Thanks for any help you can give.

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Video from the Waltham Transportation Lecture March 2009

1913 Metz 22 Serial # 18426

1913 model 22. Serial # 18426

1913 model 22. Serial # 18426

1913 model 22. Serial # 18426

1913 model 22. Serial # 18426

1913 model 22. Serial # 18426

With 136 original miles on it, this Metz still wears its original blue paint and pinstriping. The car has been in the family since new.The only thing touched has been the tires and upholstery to the seat. Additional photos coming.

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Restoration & Parts Supply

Metz 22 Motor

Metz 22 Motor

Metz 25 Lube from Philip Jamison
Metz 25 Lube from Philip Jamison
Metz 22 Lube
Metz 22 Lube from Philip Jamison
Metz Automobile Factory Waltham, Ma.
Metz Automobile Factory Waltham, Ma.

  Paper Pulleys, Inc.

Marsh Metz 1908 catalog pages.doc



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