2011 Waltham on Wheels (Vehicles built in Waltham)

The 3rd annual Waltham on Wheels will be on July 9th at the Waltham Museum. As this year is the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Metz Airplane Meet at the Gore Estate, there will be a slide show at 2 PM titled
“When the Flying Machines Came to Waltham”. Vehicle owners attending this years event with your vehicle please call the museum by July 5th at (781) 893-9020 and provide the model and year so we may plan for the placement of the vehicles. . http://www.walthammuseum.com

Briefly Stated Facts Concerning This Year’s Glidden Tour, which was Won by the Metz 22.

American Medicine, Volume 19 1913

Briefly Stated Facts Concerning This Year’s
Glidden Tour, which was Won by the Metz 22.

The annual running of the Glidden Tour, under the auspices of the American Automobile Association, is looked upon in automobile circles as the classic road event of the season.

It is not a race, but a prolonged endurance contest, the object being to thoroughly test the reliability and stamina of the many competing cars.

This year’s tour was over a 1,300 mile route, from Minneapolis, Minn., to Glacier National Park, Montana. It started on July 11, and ended on the 19th of that month, thus covering eight days of travel over all kinds and conditions of roads, from the gumbo mud of Minnesota to the rocky hills of western Montana, piled up mile on mile by the ascent of this section of the Rocky Mountains.

The Tour was won by the Metz team of three regular stock cars. Many makes and prices of cars competed, including the pick of America’s best, but the Metz was the Only team that went through the entire eight days of the contest with a perfect score.

It was not “luck” or “team work” that enabled the Metz to establish this splendid record, but practical and solid construction. There were three regular Metz stock cars in the contest, and each and every one of these cars maintained a Perfect score, checking in at every control without additional allowance or time extension of any kind, throughout the entire eight days of the Tour.

On the final day of the contest the Metz cars were last to leave noon control, but they overtook all the cars ahead, and, when ten miles from the finish, caught the pacemaker and crowded him over the last mountain range, finishing with twenty minutes to spare.

The Metz cars were the Only cars in the contest that were equipped with gearless transmission. The gearless transmission of the Metz “22” entirely does away with gear troubles. Concisely stated it means—No clutch to slip, no gears to strip.

Metz price, $475.00, completely equipped.

Prices of other cars that competed in the Tour—from five to ten times as much.

The Metz is the lowest-priced four-cylinder automobile In the world, and It is a strictly high class, fully guaranteed car, roadster type, torpedo body, left-hand drive and center control.

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Waltham on Wheels July 10th 25 Lexington St. Waltham, MA

Rain or shine the Metz gathering will happen at the Waltham Museum. If you have an interest in these automobile it is well worth the trip with or without your car. At 2PM, Al Arena will present a slide show and history lecture on the Metz,Orient and Waltham Automobiles. Several owners are planning to return again this year and depending on the weather display their cars.

Additional NEWS:
George Albright Metz Room at the Waltham Museum

When the new elevator instalation is completed, we hope to occupy part of the garage for our 8 Metz and Orient cars. The Metz Room when completed is sponsored by George Albright of Fla. who donated a 1905 Waltham Orient Deluxe automobile.
This is the only Waltham Deluxe automobile known to exist. When this room is completed and the automobiles installed we plan to hold a very special event because their will then be the worlds only Metz Auto Museum in the city where they began. Our our goal is winter of 2010. This will be an International attraction for Metz owners and historians around the world.

1912 Metz Model 22 Roadster up for auction

“After much deliberation and upon the advice of professionals, we have decided to turn the sale of the Sichel Trust collection over to RM Auctions. The car collection as well as memorabilia will be auctioned in Hershey, Pa., in October 2010. At that time, bids may be taken in person, by telephone, or over the Internet, and we will advise you of the process as the time grows nearer.”

2nd Annual Metz/Waltham/Orient Gathering July 10th.

The 2nd annual Metz Auto and transportation gathering will take place at the Waltham Museum on Saturday July 10th from 9AM-3PM. All owners of Metz/Waltham/Orient transportation vehicles are welcome to join us to display their vehicles. Please call the museum at 781-893-9020 to reserve your space. Please provide your name, telephone number,year and model of the vehicle you plan to display by July 5th.

Look back in our web site archives to see the photos and video of last years event.

1913 Metz Torpedo # 19189

DA Torpedo

1913 Metz Torpedo # 19189

1913 Metz Torpedo # 19189

1913 Metz Torpedo # 19189

As identified by Metz Specifications compiled by Franklin B. Tucker (“Antique Automobile”, March-April 1967) this was the 888th out of 4648 cars produced for 1913. On March 12, 1913 the Commonwealth of Kentucky (that’s “State of Kentucky” for those not from Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Kentucky) issued a Certificate of Registration to J.A Robinson of Waddy, Kentucky, certifying ownership. A Certificate of Registration would again be issued by Kentucky on March 2, 1918 to what I decipher to be “J.A. Robentson” of Waddy, Kentucky. The records that came with the car next identify it as being registered to Leo E. Hogan of Park City, Kentucky, on March 27, 1972. Mr. Hogan’s estate sold the car to Marshall “Jack” Armstrong of Meredith, New Hampshire (from whom I purchased the car), in November 1999.

Photographs of the car from April 1972 show the car painted canary yellow with black fenders and radiator shroud. Restoration of the car was started in January 1979 by Mr. Hogan, during which it was painted the current vermilion with black fenders and white pinstripe.

As for how this car came to be a “Torpedo”, it is currently an enigma. As identified by F.B. Tucker, the “Torpedo” body style was not offered in 1913. The “Torpedo” body style not appearing until the 1914 model year. However, it is known that “Torpedoes” were built during the 1913 production. Most notably, three (3) “Torpedoes” (identified by F.B. Tucker as “1914” model cars) being entered in to the Glidden National Tour in July 1913. [Note: Metz was the winner of the Glidden Tour that year.] The engine number identifies this car as being early 1913 production, well before the Glidden Tour. The body matches the design of the Number 6 car of the Tour with the exception of the Glidden Tour cars having “Prest-O-Lite” tanks, whereas this car has a carbide generator – standard equipment for 1913 production Metz cars. As this car was already in Kentucky four (4) months before the start of the Glidden Tour, and the Glidden Tour cars bore Massachusetts registration plates, we can surmise it is not one of the Glidden Tour cars. The Kentucky registration certificates of 1913 and 1918 do not shed any light on the matter as Kentucky merely identifies the cars as a “Metz made by Metz Motor Co.”, with no mention of body style or type, and no mention of color. Was the turtle deck an option for the “Roadster” in 1913? Was the turtle deck added at some unknown date between 1913 and 1972? The question is open to debate, although the car does look to this neophyte to be in its original configuration as delivered from Metz.

The original brass manufacturer’s identification plate, as described by F.B. Tucker, is missing. However, included in the paperwork for the car (not attached to the car) was an enamel oval radiator medallion of the form identified for later production (particularly for the Model 25, but also seen on pictures of the Model 22 Fore door), i.e. white background with black lettering “METZ WALTHAM-MASS-USA”.

A few tasks still need to be tackled before the restoration Mr. Hogan started will be complete. At some point of the car’s life, the engine, transmission and drive chain splash shields were lost and will need to be replaced. The hardware to hold the headlight lenses to the rims has also gone missing and needs to be replaced, and I need to fix the latch on the taillight lens. The roof bows are only useful as patterns. The headlight and taillight rims need to be re-plated. Should the cowl lights also be plated nickel, or left brass? I need to recreate how the exhaust brake looked and was connected, and re-plumb the headlights (or convert to electric?). I note that the steering column is designed to accommodate a lever for control of spark advance. However, there is no sign of the car ever being equipped with a lever for manual control of spark advance. The magneto (Bosch DU4) is not equipped for a spark advance lever. Ideas, helpful hints, direction to parts, etc., can be sent to me: David C. Adams at dcamcpuffin@aol.com.

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Waltham on Wheels July 11th 2009

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels
Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

Waltham on Wheels

The 2009 Waltham on Wheels was a great success. Thirteen Waltham Orient and Metz vehicles attended the event. We are already in the planning stages for the 2010 gathering and hope to make it a weekend with tours. Owners brought cars from as far away as Nevada. On display were the following. (1) 1903 Orient Buckboard

(2) 1906 Orient Buckboard

(1) 1909 Metz Plan Car

(1) 1912 Metz 22 Roadster

(1) 1913 Metz 22 Roadster

(2) 1914 Metz 22 Speedster

(1) 1915 Metz 22 Roadster

(1) 1915 Metz 25 Touring Car

(1) 1916 Metz 22 Touring Car

(1) 1916 Metz 25 Delivery Wagon (Recreation)

(5) Orient Bicycles

(2) Orient Tandem Bicycles

(1) Comet Bicycle

Thanks to Phil Jamison for these videos.

Thanks to Mark Wasnock for this Video.

News Flash: Orient Buckboards to participate in 2009 London to Brighton Run

Several Orient Buckboard will participate in the 2009 London to Brighton Run. For those of us who a not aware of this famous run we have attached a few videos of past London to Brighton Runs which became an annual event in 1927 with the exception of the war years and 1947 when petrol rationing was in force.  At least two if not three Orients are registered for the run. We will keep you posted and attempt to get the details on the Orients.

London to Brighton Run

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New Zealand meeting in Cromwell 1910 Metz

VideoOtago hosts vintage car show
It was a chance for the old and the beautiful to show-off this weekend with historic cars from all around New Zealand meeting in Cromwell for the National Veteran Rally.

Those made before 1919 took to the backroads around Otago – including one veteran that has made it to the ripe old age of 109.

With many cars average 40km/h the event was more about style than speed.

“It is quite fun to potter round slowly on traffic-free central Otago road,” says Bob Turnbull who owns a 1907 Sizaire Naudin.

Mr Turnbull has been maintaining his car for the last 42 years.

Robert Duncan is the proud owner of a 1910 Metz.

It was first owned by his great-grandfather. With the outbreak of World War One he feared his prized possession might be commandeered for the war effort.

He took it apart and hid it in the roof – it stayed there until 1970 when Mr Duncan helped get it back on the road.

“It has a top speed of about 25 miles and hour – and when you are doing 25 miles and hour it feels like 150 miles an hour.”

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Orient Buckboard #3721

Just a note the First car registered in British Columbia was a Orient in 1904 to a Mr. Barnsley.
My orient was brought to BC in 1918 by a Mr. Hinchy, an Anglican Minister who moved from Nanton, Alberta to Galena Bay BC.  There were no roads built in this area until the 40s ( the area was served by paddle wheelers and so the car stayed in a barn until his death.  It then went to a friend of the family who stored it for 35 years, I acquired the car in the 1990s and restored the car it had many pieces missing including the rear axle (found in Montana) wheels (I made ) Tiller (I received from Vince Chimera) The serial number is 3721 and the engine type ( upper portion that is air cooled is an earlier type 1904)

Orient Buckboard #3721

Orient Buckboard #3721