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1922 Metz 22

The patent plate and Selden plate are on the car.


1906 Orient Buckboard Engine # 3309


Ladies Orient Bicycle Original and unrestored condition with leather grips and leather saddle.

The 1906 Orient Buckboard, engine # 3309, was purchased from Bill Swiggart of the Swiggart Museum in Huntingdon,PA. around 1950. It was restored by Pete Robinson and sold to Gene T. Fuzzy McKnight around 1954. I purchased it from Fuzzy about 12 years ago. It runs OK. The wheels are incorrect but the correct hubs are there. Some of the body wood was replaced in the 1950’s. The original crank and key are with the car. It is titled as a 1904, but my research leads me to believe it is a 1906. The patent plate and Selden plate are n the car. Oddly there are two Orients in Glaax at the same time about 1952. The second one was found stored on the 2nd floor of the Chrysler dealership, apparently abandoned years before. The whereabouts of this car is unknown.
The 1922 Metz 22 was purchased from a gentleman in Roanoke, VA. aobut 12 years ago. I have little past information about the car. It does start and drive. I was unable to find a number on the engine block. I have two spare engines.

Thomas W. Littrell – Old Cranks Motorcar Museum.
Old Cranks RV Campground, Motor Car Museum & Ice Cream Shop – 407 Railroad Avenue – Galax, Virginia 24333

We apologize to Tom Littrell for the delay in posting this information. During a move of materials last year the disk and information went missing and recently resurfaced.


2011 Waltham on Wheels (Vehicles built in Waltham)

The 3rd annual Waltham on Wheels will be on July 9th at the Waltham Museum. As this year is the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Metz Airplane Meet at the Gore Estate, there will be a slide show at 2 PM titled
“When the Flying Machines Came to Waltham”. Vehicle owners attending this years event with your vehicle please call the museum by July 5th at (781) 893-9020 and provide the model and year so we may plan for the placement of the vehicles. . http://www.walthammuseum.com

Waltham on Wheels July 10th 25 Lexington St. Waltham, MA

Rain or shine the Metz gathering will happen at the Waltham Museum. If you have an interest in these automobile it is well worth the trip with or without your car. At 2PM, Al Arena will present a slide show and history lecture on the Metz,Orient and Waltham Automobiles. Several owners are planning to return again this year and depending on the weather display their cars.

Additional NEWS:
George Albright Metz Room at the Waltham Museum

When the new elevator instalation is completed, we hope to occupy part of the garage for our 8 Metz and Orient cars. The Metz Room when completed is sponsored by George Albright of Fla. who donated a 1905 Waltham Orient Deluxe automobile.
This is the only Waltham Deluxe automobile known to exist. When this room is completed and the automobiles installed we plan to hold a very special event because their will then be the worlds only Metz Auto Museum in the city where they began. Our our goal is winter of 2010. This will be an International attraction for Metz owners and historians around the world.

1912 Metz Model 22 Roadster up for auction

“After much deliberation and upon the advice of professionals, we have decided to turn the sale of the Sichel Trust collection over to RM Auctions. The car collection as well as memorabilia will be auctioned in Hershey, Pa., in October 2010. At that time, bids may be taken in person, by telephone, or over the Internet, and we will advise you of the process as the time grows nearer.”

2nd Annual Metz/Waltham/Orient Gathering July 10th.

The 2nd annual Metz Auto and transportation gathering will take place at the Waltham Museum on Saturday July 10th from 9AM-3PM. All owners of Metz/Waltham/Orient transportation vehicles are welcome to join us to display their vehicles. Please call the museum at 781-893-9020 to reserve your space. Please provide your name, telephone number,year and model of the vehicle you plan to display by July 5th.

Look back in our web site archives to see the photos and video of last years event.

History Channel:American Pickers TV Show

The TV show American Pickers latest episode features an Orient Bicycle and a Orient Buckboard. We will post the show when it is online.

We havn’t been able to find the show online yet but click the link above and you may find it any time.

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Join the Metz Vehicle Discussion Group

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Our moderated discussion group is the place to discuss the history and restoration of these vehicles.

Orient Bicycles

Charles H. Metz Bicycle Pedal Improvement Patent 546071 September 10, 1895

Charles H. Metz Wheel Setting Machine Patent 557,002 March 24, 1896

Charles H. Metz Design for a Pedal Shaft Patent 25,336 March 31, 1896

Charles H. Metz Jack invention for Truing Wheels Patent 557,001 March 24, 1896.

Charles H. Metz & Thomas Curley Crank Pedal Patent 604,919 May 31, 1898

Charles H. Metz Design for a bicycle frame Patent 29,478 October 11, 1898

Charles H. Metz Design for a Gear-Case Member Patent 30,409 March 28, 1899

Charles H. Metz Design for a Gear Case Member Patent 30,410 March 28, 1899

Charles H. Metz design for a crank shaft member Patent 30,537 April 11 1899

Charles H. Metz Patent 29,521 Design for a bicycle shaft October 18 1898.

Charles H. Metz Design for bicycle handle – bar extension Patent 31,007 June 13, 1899

Bicycle Patent 660,488 Charles H. Metz October 23, 1900.

Charles H. Metz Bicycle Gearing Patent 660,449 October 23, 1900

]Waltham Museum: Orient Bicycle

Waltham Museum: Orient Bicycle

Orient Bicycle Logo
Orient Bicycle Logo
Orient Special

Orient Special

Orient Key Chain

Orient Key Chain

1897 Orient Tandem

1897 Orient Tandem

Do you own a Metz Bicycle? Send us a photo and we will post it here. Please include history of the bicycle if know.


Sporting World

The World of Cycling

January 30, 1897

When it comes to decorations and attractive
features the American Waltham Mfg. Co.,
Walt bam, Mass.. takes front rank. The Orient
line was well shown up by competent men In
charge. The 1897 improvements on tbe Orient
are many.

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Metz Master 6 Dealer Washington, DC.

Lanza Motor Co.

Lanza Motor Co.

Metz Master 6
Metz Master 6

So Metz fans do any Metz Master 6 models still exist? We would like to know. Email us at metzauto@gmail.com and we will share the information on the website.


Thank you to Metz Fan Steve Miller for sending us the link to this photo of a Metz Dealer. In the window is a sign for Metz Master 6.

Washington, D.C., circa 1920. “Lanza Motors Co., exterior, 14th Street.” Lanza Motors sold a car called the Metz; neither would be long for this world — a world whose sidewalks were trod by ectoplasmic pedestrians.


Washington, D.C., circa 1920. “Lanza Motor Co. — Greenwich Village Girls.” Somewhere under this mass of pulchritude is the Metz Master Six automobile. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.



Motor Record November 1921 Page#25

To Build Waltham Six

The Waltham Motor Manufacturers, Inc., Waltham, Mass., successors to the Metz Co., is working on a new car to be called the Waltham Six, which will take the place of the Metz car formerly produced. Features of the car include a 3^ by 5 in. engine, Stromberg carbureter, Bosch starting, lighting and ignition, Warner gearset, Borg and Beck clutch and semi-floating Timken rear axle.

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Vehicles and Parts for sale or wanted


1915 Metz roaster. It is red with black bicycle spoke

wheels & white rubber tires in excellent

running original shape. Nice retractable top.

Covered trailer and extra parts including a whole motor.

Asking price is $20k. NorthernCalifornia if interested.



We have had several FOR SALE ad requests lately for parts and cars and have come up with some simple rules to go by when requesting an ad posted to the group email and or the website. This will make it easier for the interested parties.

1.Photos of the car or parts
2 Engine serial number
3 Known history of the car to the best of your ability.
4 The cars or parts present location (state)
5 We will use the email address that you have provided in the email to include in the ad or phone number which ever you prefer.

Please email: metzauto@gmail.com


For Auction: Oritent Buckboard

March 14th Auction: http://tinyurl.com/d4egve


Wanted: Complete motor or parts for a 1908 to 1913 Marsh Metz Twin motorcycle. This is a 90 degree V-twin made by the American Motor Co. Brockton, Ma. Sold under the names Marsh Metz, Arrow, Peerless and National. Contact Ken Myers  marshmetz@aol.com


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, A Sale of Exceptional Motorcycles and Related Memorabilia, 9 May 2009 Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club, Carmel, California

Auction: 1900 Orient Light Roadster


WANTED: Marsh Metz motorcycle engine. Verticle Single cylinder magneto model circa 1912.  Will also be interested in any other early motorcycle items. Contact Mark at 586-855-9633 or rust2gold@comcast.net


1915 Metz 25 engine (#36154). It's rusty, but looks complete except for the
carburetor. Spark plugs don't look good. It's currently in Ohio.
Phil:  mortier9@hotmail.com
Metz engine 2Metz engine 3Metz engine 4Metz engine 5Metz engine 6Metz engine 7
Metz engine 1
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