1905 Orient Buckboard Test Drive

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Briefly Stated Facts Concerning This Year’s Glidden Tour, which was Won by the Metz 22.

American Medicine, Volume 19 1913

Briefly Stated Facts Concerning This Year’s
Glidden Tour, which was Won by the Metz 22.

The annual running of the Glidden Tour, under the auspices of the American Automobile Association, is looked upon in automobile circles as the classic road event of the season.

It is not a race, but a prolonged endurance contest, the object being to thoroughly test the reliability and stamina of the many competing cars.

This year’s tour was over a 1,300 mile route, from Minneapolis, Minn., to Glacier National Park, Montana. It started on July 11, and ended on the 19th of that month, thus covering eight days of travel over all kinds and conditions of roads, from the gumbo mud of Minnesota to the rocky hills of western Montana, piled up mile on mile by the ascent of this section of the Rocky Mountains.

The Tour was won by the Metz team of three regular stock cars. Many makes and prices of cars competed, including the pick of America’s best, but the Metz was the Only team that went through the entire eight days of the contest with a perfect score.

It was not “luck” or “team work” that enabled the Metz to establish this splendid record, but practical and solid construction. There were three regular Metz stock cars in the contest, and each and every one of these cars maintained a Perfect score, checking in at every control without additional allowance or time extension of any kind, throughout the entire eight days of the Tour.

On the final day of the contest the Metz cars were last to leave noon control, but they overtook all the cars ahead, and, when ten miles from the finish, caught the pacemaker and crowded him over the last mountain range, finishing with twenty minutes to spare.

The Metz cars were the Only cars in the contest that were equipped with gearless transmission. The gearless transmission of the Metz “22” entirely does away with gear troubles. Concisely stated it means—No clutch to slip, no gears to strip.

Metz price, $475.00, completely equipped.

Prices of other cars that competed in the Tour—from five to ten times as much.

The Metz is the lowest-priced four-cylinder automobile In the world, and It is a strictly high class, fully guaranteed car, roadster type, torpedo body, left-hand drive and center control.

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