Metz Engine Block?


I have an early engine block, that I think is for a Metz. I hope that you may be able to comfirm if I am correct or not.

The cylinders are about 3-7/8″ in diameter.
Is has a removeable head which puts it after 1909.
It has open valves which I would date it as late as early or pre-teens.
Each valve has a pair of holes on top like Model T valves, and the top of each valve has a slight dome.
The head is held on with studs.
The head stud pattern is very close to that of a Model T, but one stud is off by about 3/8″
Welch plugs on the water inlet side and one on each end are threaded in type with a square drive.
The cylinders attach to a separate crankcase by six bolts.
Cast into the block just above the water inlet on the side is, “G 103 F”

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I appreciate any help that you can lend.

-Keith Townsend

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