Attempting to identify a car and we need your help!

I attached images of the components I think point to Metz origin. If you feel I am correct in my guess, could you venture an approximate date of the chassis? (I know that the car has been highly modified.) If you feel that it is not a Metz, would you have any idea what it might be? Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. It is difficult to tell about the car as a whole from these pictures. The front axle may be Metz, with model T pieces substituted. It may also be repro. The wheel is a demountable, maybe model T, from the look of it, maybe on a Metz hub. I have done that to replace unrepairable Metz wheels, but using the more correct 30X3 non-demountable wheel. The drive sprocket appears modern.
    What kind of motor does it have? Transmission? Body?
    The license plate frame probably says it all. 1903 Oldsmobile replicar. Many of these were built in the ’50s by many different companies and individuals. Some of them used available vintage parts like model T wheels and steering pieces because they were cheap. Some of them were so well made that parts of them can be used to restore real Oldsmobiles.
    Without a better look at the rest of the car, and motor, I can’t tell much more than that.
    Hope this helps some. Good luck.

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