1903 Orient Buckboard #528B

In March 2006 Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum acquired our 1903 Orient Buckboard from collector George Albright of Ocala, FL. This was indeed a “barn find”. The Buckboard was disassembled and was missing tires, had two badly damaged fenders and came with steel rims of unidentified source. The photos reveal the Buckboard as it is now on display in the Tellus museum. The finished product is a culmination of much painstaking search for authentic parts to produce a car as original as possible.

Only one of the two damaged fenders was repairable. The second fender had to be scrapped and a new one (made to look 100+ years old and a match to its three brothers) was created by a “maestro in all things wood”, Jim Eller. We contacted an Orient expert and collector in west Florida (who was elderly then and we have subsequently lost all contact with) who directed us to authentic wood rims. The painstaking task of the wooden wheel construction, and indeed the majority of the work on our Buckboard, was accomplished by Bob Burns and Randy Harris.

We were frustrated in locating authentic tires. As others on this website have mentioned, we contacted Coker tires. Coker tires that fit the wood rims were finally settled upon as being “the best we could do”, but these tires are black. Worse, the tires have an inauthentic button tread rather than being smooth. If anyone has a suggestions or comments on more authentic tires it would be appreciated.

Prior to placing the Buckboard on display the engine was started and run. Bob Burns insisted on this as an attempt to prove to ourselves, more than anyone else, that the buckboard had indeed been assembled, wired, and plumbed correctly. Bob and Randy determined starting the engine would be the “litmus test”. No one was more surprised than us when. . . IT RAN! We made a video to prove it.

The Buckboard was delivered from Bob and Randy’s workshop to the Tellus Museum which opened January 2009. In the museum’s Science in Motion Gallery the Buckboard is presently comfortably retired in climate controlled comfort for the enjoyment of our visitors. The Buckboard’s immediate neighbors are a 1908 Indian Motorcycle, 1903 Holsman, 1899 Locomobile the 1903 Wright Flyer replica. . . and the list goes on.

Check us out at tellusmuseum.org. Better yet, please come visit Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum to see a beautiful original example of a 1903 Orient Buckboard. We are located north Atlanta on I-75 at exit 293 in Cartersville, GA.

Brock Cooney, Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B (3)

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B


1903 Orient Buckboard #528B (2)

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B (1)

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B

1903 Orient Buckboard #528B

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  1. Hello Sirs

    I own an orient buckboard and have started to repair/restore it. I was wondering if you know a contact/person I could talk to about technical issues I may have from time to time or in this case almost all the time.

    regards jim

  2. I have one but need some parts. Engine runs fine.
    Body is prime. Want to restore or willing to sell what I have.

    • Hi,
      I would be interested in purchasing your Orient Buckboard if it is still available.
      Can you send some pictures of it and tell me where it is located

  3. This is a 1903 Buckboard for sale or I need some parts to restore

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