Metz for sale

Not much is known about this car it has been stored in a barn for about 50 years. We are attempting to obtain the engine number and will keep you posted. Please email if you are interested in the car. $5,000.00. If you have any information on the model please send a message to the comment section below.

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  1. Where is the car located? Any missing parts?

  2. You probably have already gotten this information but the car is a 1915 model 22 Fordor roadster(called fordor since it has doors whereas earlier Model 22’s had no doors). The serial number should be stamped at the upper edge of the crankcase at the left rear just under cylinder number four. Later in 1915 the serial number was moved to a brass pate affixed to the upper edge of the crankcase at the right front since when a starter was included it was placed in front of the original serial number location. The serial numbers for a 1915 Model 22 Fordor ran from 29101 to 32949.


  3. The car looks to me to be a Model 25 fordoor roadster.
    Note the fuel tank is in the cowl, not under the turtledeck. Also note the “Metz” badge on the radiator. The Model 22 typically had the fuel tank behind the seat (inside the trunk on the trunk equiped [Torpedo, etc.] models) and no ornimentation on the radiator.
    The Model 25 Fordoor roadster was very similar in appearance to a Model 22.

  4. In looking closer at the photos I change my mind, and concur with Gordon that the car is likely a Model 22 Fordor. I had missed the 2 drive chains to the rear wheels when I submitted my previous comment.


  5. I believe the oval badge,black on white was first used on the 1914 22 speedster and later on the 22 and 25 cars


  6. I have a 1915 Metz Model 22 & I believe your car is the same. I also have many extra parts for Metz from 1912 -1915. Was wondering if anyone has any contacts for the material used on the friction wheel.

    • I have seen reports of some successfully epoxying a layer of industrial fabric belting onto the turned down face of the friction wheel. Also of some fabricating a new drive wheel from layers of industrial belting laminated into a disk. Paper Pulleys Inc., Columbia, TN claims on their web site that they have made friction wheels for the Metz and other antique cars that use friction drive.

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