Metz ” 22″ Wins Glidden Trophy


The Medical Herald

Page# 479


Walter Metz 1913 Glidden Tour Team Vehicle

Walter Metz 1913 Glidden Tour Team Vehicle



Metz ” 22″ Wins Glidden Trophy.

Over roads that would test any make of car, and particularly the big high powered gear transmission car, the Boston team of three Metz cars of the gearless transmission ‘ type, demonstrated their ability to negotiate anything in the line of rough country that any automobile could be driven over, in the long grind on the Glidden tour from Minneapolis to Glacier National Park, Montana, and entered the last control with a perfect score, and the winner of the Glidden and Anderson trophies. The famous cup of the Classic and American automobile road contest, comes back to the city in which it originated, and which the donor, Charles J. Glidden, claims as his home.

The winning of the three Metz cars not only brings fame to the makers, but honor to Boston, and added prestige to the gear- less transmission type of automobiles.

The winning of these trophies was of such a decided character that there was no doubt left in the minds of the judges that the cars had shown exceptional durability, and the drivers splendid judgment.

Over some of the long prairie trails the big cars plowed up to their hubs in gumbo, and made bad weather of it, and several times on the trip, the Metz team was actually compelled to leave the road and make a detour through the fields to get around some of the large, high powered cars which were ditched or stuck in the ooze.

The Metz team being obliged to start last on the tour was badly handicapped and had all its difficulties and obstacles ahead of it so that its perfect scores at each control were all the more remarkable.

Just before the control at Minot, N.D., was reached one of the cars struck a concealed rock and smashed a wheel, which necessitated reshipping a spare wheel and naturally some time was lost, but in this case the car was driven over the roughest kind of roads at the rate of 33 miles for the last hour, and arrived at the control with minutes to spare—a wonderful test for the little machine and its driver.

If ever a comparison was a test between the gear type of transmission and the friction driven car, it was had on the Glidden tour just ended, and the gearless type of transmission came out with fiying colors.

At every control the drivers of the Metz team, which included Mr. Chas. H. Metz, president of the Metz Company, and his son, Walter Metz, were .given a most enthusiastic reception. They were feasted and entertained several times on the trip, and at the big pow-wow arranged by President Hill of the Great Northern road, they were the center of attraction and were critically examined by the Indian chiefs. An Indian interpreter gave the little cars a characteristic name when he called them “the little iron bronchos from the east.”— From Publicity Department, Metz Co., Waltham, Mass., July 23, 1913.

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