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  1. Excuse for my bad english , I’m Italian possessor of a Metz 22 1914/15 foredor car . It run well , but I don’t Know
    ebaut the correct oil level in the motor . I also want
    notice about the correct radiator “cap”. Can you help
    me? I don’t have ownwrs manual.Hello,

  2. Mauro,
    The correct oil level for the 22 is when the oil runs out of the tap on the side of the oil pan – It holds about 5 UK pints (3 litres)


  3. On my website of, one can see a 1902 Waltham Steamer that has been running in the Brighton to London races for years and the best example of any Orient Buckboard found anywhere, and a 1911 three seater Metz that I photographed at the Wells Automobile Museum and also, 1909 Metz from the internet. These are found on my Amesbury, Ma. page because all of these bodies were made in Amesbury by Currier, Cameron, and Co.Carriage factory. I also have over eight hundred photos of cars with at least four hundred different makers from 1877 to 1930. Wells Automobile Museum, Maine has the greatest selection of rare cars to be found anywhere. Amesbury had twenty-two manfactures of car bodies from 1898-1932.All of their types of cars are pictured on the Amesbury, Page.

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