1917 Metz 25 #43095

Metz 25 #43095

Metz 25 #43095

Metz 25 #43095

Metz 25 #43095

The Metz “25”  # 43095 running chassis  arrived in Australia  without the body. At that time a higher tax was applied to imports of fully finished motor vehicles, this  was to assist  the local motor body trade. The factory mudguards (fenders) bonnet (engine hood) etc were with the unit.


This owner purchased the chassis and the body from the demonstration car,  enabling the Metz to be ready the following day to drive back the 160 miles to his dairy farm.

After updating  with a Chevrolet the Metz was put to work on the farm, the body was removed and the chassis cut off behind the counter shaft. The power plant was mounted on posts and mated with a saw bench driven by a belt pulley on  the counter shaft. The front axle was used under a trailer.

Many years later after being left in the open I was able to acquire the remains of this Metz and set about piecing it together, it was some  time later that all the discarded components were  found and re assembled, the car now moves under its own power. Some of the Australian body remains and will be re built as it was.


Very few early cars survived intact in this country  ended there  life performing other duties as this one.


This is the only model “25” that I know of in Aus. ,but a few engines have been found.




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