Low-Priced Car from Waltham

The Automobile

March 3, 1910


Low-Priced Car from Waltham

In the Metz Plan car, the lower limit of automobile price has been reached, this being sold in parts, so that one may buy and assemble at leisure. This plan also allows of buying at one’s financial convenience, and has many more advantages, some of which are well told by the makers, C. H. Metz, president of the Metz Company, Waltham, Mass. He says: “No argument will induce the man who longs for a palace and who has the means to acquire it, to put up with a modest cottage.

“The expense of maintaining our little car in comparison with the big tourist is in about the same proportion as the cost of dwelling in a cottage is to the luxury of living in a mansion.

“If it is a matter of how many miles per dollar for your automobile use and pleasure, we can figure as close as anyone in the business, and our statements can be substantiated. We do not pretend to tell you what you should purchase, but you owe it to yourself to ascertain which car will carry you the farthest with the least trouble and expense.”

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