Echoes From The Shows

Echoes From The Shows

Motor Age Magazine 1906

“Bird’s-eye views of the floor always showed a crowd around the Orient exhibit. The big 20 H.-P. Model de Luxe Touring Car was always the center of a group of dealers.”

“The Waltham Company is certainly consistent. It puts the same engineering features into its 16 HL-P. cars that it does in the larger models. Other makers could follow this example with advantage to their customers and their dealers.”

” ‘It’s an awful lot of car for the money!’ as one dealer remarked to Mr. Chalfant when he had looked over the Orient 16 H.-P. Light Touring Car. This is the Tonneau Car that has a cleverly arranged, swinging front seat, which turns on a metal track, giving a fine entrance—much superior to the cheap-looking, hinged, tipping seats, or the back door entrance.”

“I found only one car in the Garden, of 16 H.-P. or under, that had a 4-cylinder, vertical tandem motor, direct drive, sliding gear transmission, 3 forward speeds (with reverse) and positive air-cooling. It was the Orient Model F, and I understand their1 Model E embodies the same principles.”

“The Waltham Company must have had an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of the Public. Their Buckboard is a really practical motor-car with high speed, the utmost simplicity, and a price that the man of moderate means can afford to pay. They and their dealers should reap a harvest this year on the Buckboard Line.”

“The Orient Buckboard this year is very radically improved and very radically lowered in price. It now has as much spring surface as many of the large touring cars, the carbureter has been simplified, the driving pinions have been made to run almost without noise, the muffler is more efficient, and a new relief cock (patented) has been attached, making the engine so easy to start that a child can turn it over. The price is $375 —$50 less than last year.”

“The Tribune says lightness, reliability and simplicity are the points the general public is looking for in a motor-car. It looks as if the air-cooled cars are about in line for public favor. They are certainly light and simple, and after the experience of the Waltham Company, in putting out more than 3000 successful air- cooled motors, it certainly looks as if the reliability question was about settled—so far as Orient Air-Cooling is concerned, at least.”

Touring Cars                                                                              

Touring Runabout, with semi-racing body Model E, 16 H-P, $1,500

Model E, with Detachable Tonneau $1,650

Light Touring Car, with Tonneau, Model F, 16 H-P, – $1,650

 Touring Car, Model G, 20 H-P, $2,000 

 Touring Car, Model de Luxe, 20 H-P, $2,250

The Buckboard Line
Buckboard, Model A, 4 H-P, – $375
Runabout, Model C, 4 H-P, – $475
Runabout, Model C, 4 H-P, – $475
Tonneau, Model D, 4 H-P, $525
Surrey, Model B, 4 H-P, $450

General Sales Offices: 44 Broad St., NEW YORK.
Members of Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers.



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