1908 Waltham Orient model ET #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient model ET with 8hp model V engine,engine no.# 5329,  body stamped no.#40. This Orient spent most of its life in the Chicago ,Ill area,was used in parades and events during the late 1930’s and 1940’s and then was in a basement for over 60 yrs resting and waiting for its second ,,or third wind. This fine old early auto never had a top or side curtains ever installed and at best would be a fair weather auto,and to be in its present state of condition is remarkable,the V twin 8hp motor is in very good condition and runs very nice with its lively buzz coils tucked away in the box under the front seat,This fine old early auto is in need of some attention here and there, but is not looking to be restored,this piece of Waltham history is available/forsale ,you can be the custodian of this fine old auto ,but as far as owning it,IT WILL OWN YOU,this needs a good home where it can be cherished and protected from a restoration .it can be heard running at    www.power-of-the-past.com on pg 4,  I can be reached at 715 336 9004 ,best regards and always remember to keep that thumb on top of the crank!!


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1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329


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