Vehicles and Parts for sale or wanted


1915 Metz roaster. It is red with black bicycle spoke

wheels & white rubber tires in excellent

running original shape. Nice retractable top.

Covered trailer and extra parts including a whole motor.

Asking price is $20k. NorthernCalifornia if interested.


We have had several FOR SALE ad requests lately for parts and cars and have come up with some simple rules to go by when requesting an ad posted to the group email and or the website. This will make it easier for the interested parties.

1.Photos of the car or parts
2 Engine serial number
3 Known history of the car to the best of your ability.
4 The cars or parts present location (state)
5 We will use the email address that you have provided in the email to include in the ad or phone number which ever you prefer.

Please email:


For Auction: Oritent Buckboard

March 14th Auction:


Wanted: Complete motor or parts for a 1908 to 1913 Marsh Metz Twin motorcycle. This is a 90 degree V-twin made by the American Motor Co. Brockton, Ma. Sold under the names Marsh Metz, Arrow, Peerless and National. Contact Ken Myers


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, A Sale of Exceptional Motorcycles and Related Memorabilia, 9 May 2009 Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club, Carmel, California

Auction: 1900 Orient Light Roadster


WANTED: Marsh Metz motorcycle engine. Verticle Single cylinder magneto model circa 1912.  Will also be interested in any other early motorcycle items. Contact Mark at 586-855-9633 or


1915 Metz 25 engine (#36154). It's rusty, but looks complete except for the
carburetor. Spark plugs don't look good. It's currently in Ohio.
Metz engine 2Metz engine 3Metz engine 4Metz engine 5Metz engine 6Metz engine 7
Metz engine 1
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  1. Hello,
    I`d like to place an ad , “Wanted right front fender for 1912 Metz 22 rdst. Phone 416-4382595.Peter ”

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