1914 Metz 22 Speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

My Metz Model 22 speedster. Engine No. 26481 I acquired it 20 yrs. ago from a William C. Wilkinson , from El Central, Ca in 1988. We have no record of how long he had the car. Although we believe he had it for a long time, because he was a collector of big game and trophy type things as related from a grand son. My car is basic original except in color. Wilkinson didn’t like the Orange paint so he had it painted green as it it now.

Visit us at Waltham on Wheels on July 11th and say hello.


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  1. Nice car. I think your wheels and gas tank have been replaced at some point. The wheels had wood spokes, I believe. Your gas tank may have been enlarged for longer trips. Does it drive?


  2. A postcard showing a 1914 Metz car on a rock point has wire wheels and likely they were equipped with these – as readily available at the time for the cycle and motorcycle industry, and desireable for lighter weight.

    In the late 1940’s in Angola New York one of the Catalona family towards Brant NY had a circa 1918 Metz in fine original shape in a small shed; it was a larger vehicle than the 1914 22. Slats Sommer

  3. I found an original image the other day that shows the rear half of “what I believe to be” a Metz 22 speedster like the one above. The photo is 3.50 x 4.50 inches. It shows the same style wire wheels & also a fuel tank similar to the one above. Although its at a slightly different angle. It has the same style seat & seat riser & shifter. The drivers side floor board also appears to have a Klaxon style horn mounted down low. Its a nice old original photo that would be nice to blowup or mount or keep with a Metz collection. There is a dog sitting in the seat aswell. I am selling the photo for $24.00 if anyone is interested. Feel free to email me at ohio57thregiment@aol.com for any questions.

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