1915 METZ Model 25 #30419

Same owner 30 years. Mild restoration, complete, original and starts and runs well.I  bought the car many years ago in the Central Valley of California and being a california car there was no rust and it was in great shape. I drive it in the local parades and car club ralleys.  I did have the car gone through a few years ago with a new top made and the body and frame completely disassembled and repainted and put back together.

Chuck Metz


1915 METZ Model 25 #30419

1915 METZ Model 25 #30419

1915 METZ Model 25 #304191915 METZ Model 25 #30419

1915 METZ Model 25 #30419

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Metz Master 6 Dealer Washington, DC.

Lanza Motor Co.

Lanza Motor Co.

Metz Master 6
Metz Master 6

So Metz fans do any Metz Master 6 models still exist? We would like to know. Email us at metzauto@gmail.com and we will share the information on the website.


Thank you to Metz Fan Steve Miller for sending us the link to this photo of a Metz Dealer. In the window is a sign for Metz Master 6.

Washington, D.C., circa 1920. “Lanza Motors Co., exterior, 14th Street.” Lanza Motors sold a car called the Metz; neither would be long for this world — a world whose sidewalks were trod by ectoplasmic pedestrians.


Washington, D.C., circa 1920. “Lanza Motor Co. — Greenwich Village Girls.” Somewhere under this mass of pulchritude is the Metz Master Six automobile. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.



Motor Record November 1921 Page#25

To Build Waltham Six

The Waltham Motor Manufacturers, Inc., Waltham, Mass., successors to the Metz Co., is working on a new car to be called the Waltham Six, which will take the place of the Metz car formerly produced. Features of the car include a 3^ by 5 in. engine, Stromberg carbureter, Bosch starting, lighting and ignition, Warner gearset, Borg and Beck clutch and semi-floating Timken rear axle.

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The Orient Automobiles

Everybody’s Magazine


Vol.1 No.1

Page #105

THE WALTHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY, of Waltham, Mass., has secured the exclusive American rights in the gasolene motors perfected and produced by De Dion, Bouton et Cie., and are now building tandems, tricycles, quadricycles, light carriages,’and trailers, equipped with this motor.

The De Dion motor has proved itself a leader in its class and has earned that rare title in the gasolene-engine field, ” Perfect.” Its high efficiency, light weight, certainty in operation, and simplicity are well known to all who have made an investigation of this subject. In combination with the manufactures of the Waltham Manufacturing Company (the makers of the ” Orient ” bicycle), a result is reached that ensures satisfaction, if skill in design and excellence of workmanship are factors.

One of the models now ready for the market is shown in the above cut. It is a convertible motor-cycle, capable of change in a few minutes from a single-seated tricycle to a comfortable two-seated quadricycle, as shown. One of these machines recently made the trip from Waltham to New York, 251 miles, in seventeen hours, at an expense of 45 cents in fuel. Price of this machine, complete, $600.

A booklet illustrating and detailing the features of this and other models, on request.


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1908 Waltham Orient model ET #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient model ET with 8hp model V engine,engine no.# 5329,  body stamped no.#40. This Orient spent most of its life in the Chicago ,Ill area,was used in parades and events during the late 1930’s and 1940’s and then was in a basement for over 60 yrs resting and waiting for its second ,,or third wind. This fine old early auto never had a top or side curtains ever installed and at best would be a fair weather auto,and to be in its present state of condition is remarkable,the V twin 8hp motor is in very good condition and runs very nice with its lively buzz coils tucked away in the box under the front seat,This fine old early auto is in need of some attention here and there, but is not looking to be restored,this piece of Waltham history is available/forsale ,you can be the custodian of this fine old auto ,but as far as owning it,IT WILL OWN YOU,this needs a good home where it can be cherished and protected from a restoration .it can be heard running at    www.power-of-the-past.com on pg 4,  I can be reached at 715 336 9004 ,best regards and always remember to keep that thumb on top of the crank!!


Click on the photos to see larger versions of these photos.

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1908 Waltham Orient #5329

1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster #3349_

1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster.   Good engine & drive train, has starter but no generator, good wood and a very solid body . Needs paint/ body work. S/N 3349_ last number unkown. Car in North Alabama. The car is for sale $12,500.  Please email: ralph.burnett@hughes.net

1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster #3349_
1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster #3349_
1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster #3349_
1915 Metz Model 25 Roadster #3349_
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Waltham Preparing For A Busy Season

The Automobile
September 20, 1906
Page # 382

Waltham Preparing For A Busy Season

The Makers of the Waltham Orient motor cars and Orient buckboards, with factory at Waltham, Mass, have planned to double their output for 1907. They have purchased six lots adjoining their present plant and are securing bids for several new buildings, which when completed are to be equipped with the most modern machinery and tools. Their estimated production for 1907 will consist of 200 touring cars and 2,000 buckboards. The line comprises two 20-horsepower governor controlled cars, one listing at $2,000, the other at $1,750, also a 16-horsepower runabout for $1, 250. There is a 4-horsepower buckboard friction transmission at $400, and a delivery car of the same type and power for $450.

Since the resignation, September 1, of General Manager L.B. Gaylor, owing to poor health, the affairs of the company are being administered by an advisory committee, consisting of Manager E.S. Church, Sales Manager E.P. Chalfant and Auditor L. J. Hart.

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Vehicles and Parts for sale or wanted


1915 Metz roaster. It is red with black bicycle spoke

wheels & white rubber tires in excellent

running original shape. Nice retractable top.

Covered trailer and extra parts including a whole motor.

Asking price is $20k. NorthernCalifornia if interested.



We have had several FOR SALE ad requests lately for parts and cars and have come up with some simple rules to go by when requesting an ad posted to the group email and or the website. This will make it easier for the interested parties.

1.Photos of the car or parts
2 Engine serial number
3 Known history of the car to the best of your ability.
4 The cars or parts present location (state)
5 We will use the email address that you have provided in the email to include in the ad or phone number which ever you prefer.

Please email: metzauto@gmail.com


For Auction: Oritent Buckboard

March 14th Auction: http://tinyurl.com/d4egve


Wanted: Complete motor or parts for a 1908 to 1913 Marsh Metz Twin motorcycle. This is a 90 degree V-twin made by the American Motor Co. Brockton, Ma. Sold under the names Marsh Metz, Arrow, Peerless and National. Contact Ken Myers  marshmetz@aol.com


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, A Sale of Exceptional Motorcycles and Related Memorabilia, 9 May 2009 Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club, Carmel, California

Auction: 1900 Orient Light Roadster


WANTED: Marsh Metz motorcycle engine. Verticle Single cylinder magneto model circa 1912.  Will also be interested in any other early motorcycle items. Contact Mark at 586-855-9633 or rust2gold@comcast.net


1915 Metz 25 engine (#36154). It's rusty, but looks complete except for the
carburetor. Spark plugs don't look good. It's currently in Ohio.
Phil:  mortier9@hotmail.com
Metz engine 2Metz engine 3Metz engine 4Metz engine 5Metz engine 6Metz engine 7
Metz engine 1
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New Metz Dealer for South

Motor West

March 15, 1918


The Southern California agency for the Metz car, famous for its adherence to the friction-drive principle of olden days, has been contracted by W.B Rorick, with quarters at 999 W. Washington St. The Metz line includes a roadster and a touring car model.

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Metz Brings out Three Delivery Cars

The Automobile

December 9, 1915

page #1051

The Metz Co., Waltham Mass., has placed on the market three types of delivery cars in addition to its roadster and touring car.  All are on a 25-hp, chassis , model A, having an express body selling for $475, with prest-o-lite tank and oil side and tail lamps. Model B is the same except that it has Gray & Davis starting and lighting and sells for $525. Models C and D correspond to models A and B, respectively, except that they have roll side curtains, model C listing a $525 and model D listing at $575 model E uses the Gray & Davis electric system and has a closed delivery type body. it sells for $600.

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1914 Metz 22 Speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

Metz 22 speedster. # 26481

My Metz Model 22 speedster. Engine No. 26481 I acquired it 20 yrs. ago from a William C. Wilkinson , from El Central, Ca in 1988. We have no record of how long he had the car. Although we believe he had it for a long time, because he was a collector of big game and trophy type things as related from a grand son. My car is basic original except in color. Wilkinson didn’t like the Orange paint so he had it painted green as it it now.

Visit us at Waltham on Wheels on July 11th and say hello.


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