1911 Metz 22 Roadster #6198

1911 Metz #6198

1911 Metz #6198

1911 Metz #6198
1911 Metz #6198

I bought the Metz at an estate auction in 2004.  The title shows that the estate owner titled it in August 1953.  I was able to contact the wife of the previous owner, but she was unable to tell me what year they bought the car.  She did say they drove it in many parades.  When I bought the car it had a 2 cyl Onan engine, apparently this engine was in the car in 1953.  It is unclear if this engine was in the car before the sale in 1953.  My guess is that it was put in about the 1953 peroid as it appeared to be an engive of that era.  Before the auction, I had decided that I would not buy the car unless I could locate the correct engine.  I did locate an engine in VT but it was not for sale.  I did go ahead and buy the car.  I then thought that I would not restore the car unless I was able to find an engine.  I did meet the person from VT and did buy the engine from him.  Then I went ahead and restored the Metz.  As to the frame#, I looked thru my notes and did not find where to look for the number.  This restoration was several cars back.  I will take another look at the car to see if I can locate the frame #34687.
 Kermit & Ruby Wilke

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