1913 Metz Model 22 Roadster #21665

1913 Metz Model 22 Roadster #21665

1913 Metz Model 22 Roadster #21665

I am the owner of a 1913 Metz Model 22 roadster. The engine number is 21665. I purchased it last month from a posting on the Yahoo Metz Group. The previous owner received it as a 16th birthday present from his father, a vintage car buff and restorer, in 1983. The old man they bought the car from claimed to be its original owner. Not knowing very much about Metz cars, I have so far found it to be very well preserved. I believe it was stripped down and refinished several decades ago. The chassis is black and has no rust.The wood is in very good condition, too, including the spokes and running boards (which, by the way, were made of a beautiful walnut painted black!). The non-original green color shows no other tints underneath, though I assume the car was a deep blue color as Metz stated in their advertising. I’ve been disassembling the engine, and it dos not show heavy wear. I just want to be sure it is in good condition. The friction drive wheel has its fibreboard wheel in place. Missing are the top, the windshield and one of the sidelights. It has gas headlights and an acetylene generator. I’m not certain if they are original, but they look correct. The cover mounted under the engine is a rather crude though functional reproduction, and the chain guards are also missing. It seems few Metz cars retain these chain guards; they must have been difficult to remove for servicing the chains. The nicely-preserved leatherette upholstery looks quite old, but it is diamond-pleated and thus looks different from the catalog illustrations.

My aim is to refinish the car in the correct colors and use it for driving. I hope we Metz owners can get together to determine the correct specifications of our cars, and to pool our resources in reproducing oft-missing parts. I’ve heard various opinions regarding the practicality of the friction drive, especially premature wear on the fibre wheel. If enough Metz owners get together, I believe we can make everyone’s car better and more fun.

Philip Jamison
West Chester, PA

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  1. Nice, but my problem is I have an older buck board possible 1895 buggie version, 5hp Astor engine, need help to find information and wheels to restore.

  2. Does anyone know if the top irons for all Metz Model 22 cars are the same, whether for a Fore door or otherwise?? Thanks, Michael Patris

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