1916 Metz Automobile in Europe video

We found this video on the internet of a Metz owner in Europe taking a ride in his Metz Automobile. We believe the gentleman is speaking German. If you can tell us anything about what is being said please tell us in the comment section.

Watch Video Here
In ganz Europa gibt es ihn nur einmal: Der Metz Waltham gehört zu den ältesten Autos der Welt. 1916 wurde er in Amerika gebaut, fuhr in Pennsylvania und stand dann 40 Jahre im Museum. Dort hatte Kurt Brücher aus Wilnsdorf den Oldi entdeckt, sofort gekauft und wieder fahrtüchtig gemacht.

Ein Beitrag von Gerrit Saßmann

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  1. The Metz 25 video from Germany is a good one; I assume from a TV broadcast. I don’t speak German, but the narrator doesn’t seem to mention the friction drive. Germans call antique cars “oldtimers”, and I heard that mentioned once or twice. I notice the owner doesn’t have the cover mounted underneath the engine. Also, his engine is painted silver; I would have expected black. Was the Model 25 that color?

  2. I asked a German teacher at our school to take a look at the video and let me know what was being talked about. He provided me with a translated text as follows:

    Driving cars as they did 100 years ago.
    Every trip starts with a swallow of water. Kurt makes cares about his cooling system because he wants the trip to be smooth. Built in 1916 in Mass. now driven in South West Pfalen.
    “So I’m turning on the gas, give it electricity and start the car.” The sound of early cars. The Metz was put back on the street in 1996. Before that the old-timer was in a museum. When Kurt bought the car his dream came true. After 1500 hours of work the car was brought back to life. “You have a lot of associations with the car, hate/love, but when you drive it the first time, you’re very proud.” Top speed is 45 Km/h, 30 Km/h is optimal for driving. “Now the road is getting steep and you notice that the motor is working hard and doesn’t have the power of today’s motors.” “We’ll just have to be a bit patient, but it will make it.” “It has never let me down.” Probably didn’t let people down in 1916. “Where ever the Metz goes, everyone is interested in it.” Everything is original 1916 except for the light generator and the starter, made in 1915. Yes, you can also crank it. Every trip is an experience, “this is life on the street!” Not racing, experiencing and living. “We all live such hectic lives, but if you’re forced to drive slow, you’ll enjoy it differently. You notice that you can also reach your destination slowly.” The trip is the goal and also sometimes the gas station. 35 liters lead free, but his old-timer is not efficient. 25L/100Km. It’s hard to say exactly. It depends on the driving; up, down, long stretches. With a full tank, off it goes. Whether in Mass.or Netzan, its wheels keep turning. Maybe it’s a bit slow, but it’s a good drive.

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